Do Urethane Bowling Balls Absorb Oil? (Read To Know)

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Out of many bowling ball options, urethane balls are the best choice for players of any skill level. They are durable, easy to control, and convenient. If you recently started playing with this ball material, you might be unsure how they perform in varying lane conditions.

As some lanes are heavily-oiled, you might be hesitant to play on them with a urethane ball. Do they absorb oil on the way? And will it affect your game score?

Yes, a urethane bowling ball tends to absorb oil, but the quantity is less. Their oil soaking up ratio is much lower than resin balls, making them a good choice for average and professional bowlers. They offer decent controllability over medium dry and oily lanes. You must wipe the oil off your urethane ball as it can influence your shot. You can use ball cleaners to get rid of the greasiness.

Oil absorption can significantly reduce the number of hooks, and bowling players want to avoid it. Considering the benefits of playing with a urethane ball, you might also know how they react on oily surfaces.

Is It Possible For Urethane Bowling Balls To Absorb Oil?

Urethane bowling balls are considered best for hooking and getting into splits. It is a reason why many professionals, as well as beginners, opt for this ball material rather than plastic and reactive resin. It is an ideal choice for all kinds of bowlers. It is due to its hook capability and ease of control.

Unlike plastic balls, urethane bowling balls can absorb oil in a small amount. This absorption takes place to create friction between the ball and the lane. So, using the oil on the bowling floor, the urethane sphere allows you to have a better ball throw.

Urethane balls can accumulate oil on their surface, but only after multiple throws and on an oily bowling lane. It can sometimes affect the ball movement, so you need to remove the oil build-up. You can do it easily by applying a high-quality oil cleaner to the ball surface.

Resin VS Urethane; Which Absorbs More Oil?

Resin bowling balls absorb a lot more oil than urethane balls. The oil absorption allows them to create a firm hold on the lane. On the other hand, urethane balls will mostly push the oil around and absorb only a tiny amount.

For instance, if you throw a resin ball down the lane, followed by a urethane ball, you will notice a big difference in their oil rings. The resin ball oil rings tend to disappear quickly, whereas the urethane ball oil rings remain for a while after you have thrown them.

So, the oil absorption of a urethane ball lies in between plastic and resin. It makes it ideal for playing on medium dry and oily lanes. But, if the floor is super dry, you should consider using plastic.

Why Does A Urethane Ball Absorb Oil?

Although urethane bowling balls do not absorb much oil, little accumulation happens, creating some friction against the lane surface. It proves a better choice than resin if you play on drier lanes. It is true for expert bowlers also because as the oil absorption is lower, it reduces the amount of friction it creates.

As a result, it allows you to maintain the speed and power of your throw. In the case of resin, the dryness of the lane will slow it down much more than a urethane ball. So, it is crucial to pick the right ball according to lane conditions for better game performance.

Are Urethane Bowling Balls Good For Oily Lanes?

As urethane bowling balls absorb less oil than resin, you can use them easily on a heavily-oiled bowling lane surface. You will be able to move the ball according to your throwing mindset, whether you want to go with a straight throw or a strike with a curved throw.

A urethane ball provides you maximum controllability over it. It also enables you to score the points you want. They offer lesser friction and hook ability on the bowling lane surface. It is the reason why urethane balls get preferred by not only beginners but also intermediate and professional players.

Can Oil Absorption Affect A Urethane Ball Performance?

As discussed earlier, urethane ball soaks up less oil, so you might not notice a dramatic change in their performance.

With time, more and more oil starts depositing on the ball surface. It can also seep into the finger holes, and you may find it difficult to grip.

It, in turn, also affects the ball movement and lessens your control of the sphere. So, to avoid this happening, it is better to gently wipe off the ball with a microfiber towel after the game. If it is not enough, you can opt for cleaners or ball bleeding to remove all the greasy residue.

De-Oiling Urethane Balls:

With time, you might notice oil build up on the surface of a urethane ball. It can happen more often if you play on oily bowling lanes. The greasiness can affect the ball’s movement and also make it difficult for you to grip it. It is necessary to clean the urethane ball thoroughly to remove the oil and overcome such an unwanted situation.

For this purpose, you can use good-quality ball cleaners. They are available easily on the market. You can also use rubbing alcohol but make sure not to put too much quantity as it can cause damage to the ball. Just squirt a small amount on a microfiber towel, and it will be enough for the cleaning process.

So My For Final Thoughts:

Urethane bowling balls occupy a middle spot between plastic and resin on the spectrum of oil absorption. They are versatile and ideal for different lane conditions, including dry, medium-dry to oily lane surfaces. And, the lesser oil absorption results in lower friction and better control over your throw. However, to maintain your ball in a good state, it is crucial to remove the oil build-up regularly.

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Shmulik Dorinbaum

I play bowling almost daily, and on the days I'm not? I'm writing about my day and what I need to do to improve myself as a better bowling player.

Picture of Shmulik Dorinbaum

Shmulik Dorinbaum

I play bowling almost daily, and on the days I'm not? I'm writing about my day and what I need to do to improve myself as a better bowling player.

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