10 Best Bowling Balls – My top 10 For 2023!

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*Updated for 2023!

Bowling is a popular game worldwide. Two things make bowling exciting: the player’s skill and the type of ball used. In our case, we’ll focus on the best balls you can use to bowl. These balls vary in size, shape, material, and size of gyration. 

The bowling ball you select might have a significant impact on your performance. We’re going to highlight the best bowling balls for you based on design, popularity, versatility, and durability. We’ll review each of them, making it easy for you to find one that suits your bowling needs.

If you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick glance at the bowling balls you may put into consideration:

At a Glance: Our Top 10 Bowling Balls

RankType of Bowling Ball
#1Hammer Black Widow Legend
#2Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball
#3Storm Pitch Black Solid Urethane Bowling Ball
#4Storm Proton Physix Bowling Ball
#5Brunswick Knock Out 15lb
#6Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane 14lb
#7Roto Grab Rubicon UC2 15lb
#8Ebonite Game Breaker 4 15lb Dark Red/Red
#9Storm HY Road Max 15lb, Emerald/Lime
#10900 Global Zen Bowling Ball

So here Are My 10 Best Bowling Balls Reviewed

Hammer Black Widow Legend

The ball weighs between 12 lb and 16 lb, so you can choose the weight that suits you. It has a gas mask core with carbon fiber, making it a rigid ball. Besides, the gas mask core makes it move incredibly on the backend. 

Black Widow Legend is the first ball with a hybrid coverstock, a combination of pearl and solid reactive coverstock. More importantly, the hybrid coverstock expands the Black Widow bowling ball’s reaction capabilities. 


  • Lasts longer
  • Toughest ball for bowling
  • Hybrid coverstock improves reaction capabilities


  • Low performance in rough conditions

Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball

The Motiv Venom Ball has an asymmetrical shape. The bowling ball spins very fast in low differential, giving the ball high stability, and a lot of energy is retained. Motiv Venom Shock Ball weighs 12 to 16 lbs and has an infusion coverstock.

The shiny polished nature of the ball makes it easier to function in medium and dry oil conditions. It moves in a moderate angular motion that enables it to score in dry conditions.

Motiv Venom Ball is reasonably priced.


  • Spins fast in low differential
  • Suitable for both dry and medium oil conditions
  • Affordable


  • It wears out quickly if oil is not added at the front.

Storm Pitch Black Solid Urethane Bowling Ball

Storm created the Urethane Bowling Ball to solve the control issue in lighter areas. This ball has a urethane coverstock and an extra core. The capacitor core in this ball makes it move in a straight direction.

The ball’s differential is low compared to other bowling balls. In other words, it moves along the lane in a straight direction. The urethane gives the ball a smooth appearance that can react faster. In both dry and wet soil conditions, the ball gives you a good response. It can also hook off in a more extended pattern in these conditions.


  • Good response on both wet and dry conditions
  • Faster reaction
  • Easy to control in lighter areas


  • No consistent reactions

Storm Proton Physix Bowling Ball

Do you have struggles with hooking in heavy oil conditions? Storm considered you when making the Proton Physix Ball. This ball’s design makes gripping and hooking a breeze when dealing with heavy oil conditions. Gripping and hooking are made possible by the neX grip coverstock, making heavy oil conditions a walk-over.

Proton Physix Ball comes with a frozen cupcake fragrance. The bowling ball consists of AstroPhysix coverstock that’s responsive to friction and helps give the ball a smooth roll on oil lane patterns. This type of bowling ball is succeeding very fast in the Physix line and is the third most popular one. It has an excellent entry angle and thus carries more pins.


  • Suitable for heavy oil conditions 
  • Made up of high-quality material
  • Intensified intermediate differential.


  • Fairly expensive

Brunswick Knock Out 15lb

Knock Out is an all-purpose bowling ball. It originated in Mexico. It weighs up to 7.099 kg with dimensions of 10.0L by 10.0H by 10.0W (inches) when packaged. The fact that this ball is a solid jab increases the chances of the world embracing it. You can use this ball in all medium conditions.

A warranty of 2 years is given after you purchase the ball, which tells you the company is confident in the ball’s quality. Knock Out has a coverstock made of savvy Hook 3.0 solid, which is solid reactive.

Its differential is relatively low. The ball is made using Dynamic Core Technology which makes the outer material of the ball last longer even after drilling. Simply put, you should expect to play several games before Knock Out Ball wears out.


  • High performance
  • High hook potential
  • Works well in medium conditions


  • It comes in black color only.

Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane 14lb

Did you ever get to use the Purple Pearl Bowling Ball, and you wonder what happened? Some companies tried to imitate the ball and messed it up. The good thing is that they were unable to duplicate it. And guess what? The ball is back on the market. 

The coverstock is made using urethane pearl, which is thick. The ball has a Siaair micro pad finish of the urethane purple pearl.

Purple Pearl Urethane ball works in both medium and light oil conditions. When bowling, you can control the ball throughout the lane. Besides, it gives a smooth reaction. A two-year warranty is given starting from the purchase day.


  • Works on both medium and light oil conditions
  • Smooth arc reaction
  • The bowler has control over the ball throughout the lane.


  • Only available in 14lb

Roto Grab Rubicon UC2 15lb

Rubicon is one of the hottest rondure core symmetrical balls out there. It has a special eTrax coverstock to enhance traction in the mid-lane and provide more responsiveness in the down lane. This coverstock is new on the market and is pearlized.

The Rubicon ball comes polished with a 1500-grit polish. Further, it works well in medium and heavy oil conditions. 

A two-year warranty is also given after you purchase this ball. Not to mention, the ball gives excellent performance.


  • Suitable for both medium and high oil conditions
  • Has eTrax pearls coverstock for improved traction with the lane
  • Low differential 


  • The pearl is reactive.

Ebonite Game Breaker 4 15lb Dark Red/Red

Ebonite Game Breaker is another excellent ball designed for bowling. It is one of the well-known and used balls among the Ebonite brand. It has an enhanced V2 core that works on its shape, giving it a better appearance.

It’s designed for medium oil conditions and is a tremendous game-changer. It has a weight of 15lbs which is also a good start for beginners, meaning if you are a beginner, this ball will work for you.

Using GB4 will give you the desired experience and success. It’ll provide you with the confidence of gaming such that you can’t wait for the next game. Trying this ball will give you a superb experience, just like the other GB4 balls that have been there before.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • It boosts your bowling confidence
  • It has an improved shape due to the V2 core


  • Mild performance

Storm HY Road Max 15lb, Emerald/Lime

HY Road Max 15lb comes in a green apple fragrance. It has a Nex solid coverstock with an inverted Fe2 technology, making its core less deflected with the same energy.

Storm HY Road Max is well known for its high RG that has been there in history. A high RG makes the ball resist the changes in direction as it moves down the lane.

The bowling ball’s appearance is eye-grabbing due to its great final touches. The color makes it a benchmark to other brands in terms of appearance. It comes in two colors, emerald, and lime, so you can go for what impresses you most.


  • Less deflection with high energy on the pin deck
  • An attractive appearance
  • Smooth transition on the lane.


  • It can resist a change in direction.

900 Global Zen Bowling Ball

The Zen ball is pearlized using the S77 version of the Response Cover and a substantial core. It’s recommended for medium and heavy conditions as it helps change and level up your gaming.

Zen has an enormous core compared to other bowling balls. The core gives the ball an increased hitting power, improving its shape, and giving it a smooth move on the lanes. This core is the largest to be produced by this company.


  • Zen has consistent movement on the lane.
  • Increased hitting power
  • Works for both medium and heavy conditions


  • Relatively expensive

Final Word

Bowling is all fun. As a beginner, choosing the best bowling ball can be challenging, but we hope the reviews above make the selection process a cakewalk. Keep in mind factors like weight, coverstock, and hook potential when choosing the ball. Happy bowling, buddy!

Picture of Shmulik Dorinbaum

Shmulik Dorinbaum

I play bowling almost daily, and on the days I'm not? I'm writing about my day and what I need to do to improve myself as a better bowling player.

Picture of Shmulik Dorinbaum

Shmulik Dorinbaum

I play bowling almost daily, and on the days I'm not? I'm writing about my day and what I need to do to improve myself as a better bowling player.

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