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Bowling is a fun and exciting sport that people of all ages can enjoy. Whether you’re a casual bowler or a serious league player, having the right pair of bowling shoes can make a significant difference in your performance and comfort. Bowling shoes are specifically designed for the unique movements and demands of the sport, providing the necessary support, stability, and slide control.

Bowling shoes come in a wide range of styles, materials, and performance levels. Some are designed for beginners while others cater to the needs of more advanced players.

One of the most critical aspects to consider when choosing the perfect pair is the type of sole – universal, interchangeable, or performance-specific soles can cater to different playing styles and lane conditions.

Another essential factor to pay attention to is size and fit. A well-fitting pair of bowling shoes will provide comfort and support, allowing you to focus on perfecting your game. Additionally, consider other features that enhance comfort and function, such as cushioning, breathability, and durability.

After evaluating various options in search of the best bowling shoes available, I’ve narrowed down the most comfortable, high-performing, and stylish selections on the market. Keep reading to discover the top choices that will help you step up your game and make striking impressions on the lanes.

Best Bowling Shoes

I’ve compiled a list of the best bowling shoes available on Amazon. Check them out below and find the perfect pair to elevate your game.

Dexter Men’s Modern Bowling Shoes

Dexter Men's Modern Bowling Shoes

I highly recommend Dexter Men’s Modern Bowling Shoes for their comfort, performance, and innovative features.


  • Boa disc lacing system
  • Aero spacer mesh for breathability
  • Interchangeable outsole


  • Slightly tighter fit than expected
  • No extra accessories included
  • May require break-in period

Yesterday, I wore these Dexter Men’s Modern Bowling Shoes to my bowling league night, and I was amazed at the comfort and performance. The Boa disc lacing system offers a snug and secure fit, keeping my feet well-supported throughout the game. I also appreciated the Aero spacer mesh upper, which made the shoes feel lightweight and breathable.

The DexLite Pro interchangeable outsole is a game-changer – I could easily adapt to different lane conditions by swapping outsoles. But be prepared; these shoes may feel slightly tighter than your typical shoes, so consider selecting your size carefully. On the downside, the shoes don’t come with any extras – no shoe cover, no extra slide, not even the Dexter shoe box.

Despite the initial tightness, after a few games, the shoes seemed to mold to my feet for a more comfortable fit. I can say that these Dexter Men’s Modern Bowling Shoes have now become my go-to choice for bowling nights. So, if you’re on the market for a reliable and high-performance pair of bowling shoes, these are definitely worth considering.

KR Strikeforce Men’s Athletic Bowling Shoes

KR Strikeforce Men's Athletic Bowling Shoes

These shoes are a fantastic choice for bowlers who want comfort, style, and performance at an affordable price.


  • Comfortable and well-fitting
  • Suitable for both right and left-handed bowlers
  • Stylish and sporty design


  • Not suitable for highly competitive play
  • Might take some time to break in
  • Limited color options

I recently tried the KR Strikeforce Men’s Athletic Bowling Shoes and was impressed by how comfortable they were. The engineered mesh upper with universal soles and leather sole made them lighter and more breathable than most bowling shoes I’ve used, which made a significant difference in my overall experience on the lanes.

The microfiber slide pad on both feet with FlexSlide technology ensured a smooth glide during my approach, and I appreciated that these shoes are suitable for both right and left-handed bowlers. The sleek black and steel design added a stylish touch to my bowling attire.

However, I must note that these shoes may not be suitable for professional or highly competitive bowlers who require more advanced features for their game. The shoes also felt a bit snug at first, but they did eventually stretch and conform to my feet after a few games.

Overall, the KR Strikeforce Men’s Athletic Bowling Shoes are a great option for beginner to intermediate bowlers seeking comfort, style, and functionality at an affordable price. I would recommend these shoes to anyone looking to upgrade from rental shoes or those in need of a reliable pair for casual league play.

Dexter Men’s Bowling Shoes 12 Grey/Black

Dexter Men's Bowling Shoes

I’d say these shoes are worth the investment for the customized fit, superior slide, and modern BOA lacing system.


  • BOA Fit System Disc Lacing
  • Patented SST Technology for both right or left-hand bowlers
  • High-quality, durable construction


  • No extra heels or slides included
  • A bit pricey
  • Order half size larger for a comfortable fit

I recently had a chance to try out the Dexter Men’s Bowling Shoes, and they have indeed exceeded my expectations. The standout feature for me was the BOA Fit System Disc Lacing, which provides a secure fit with a simple turn of the disc dial. It saved me time and energy, as I didn’t have to worry about tying my shoelaces throughout the game.

The patented SST Technology is also a huge advantage, as it caters to both right and left-hand bowlers. Additionally, the interchangeable soles allowed me to experience a customized slide, enhancing my overall performance.

While the shoes are a bit on the pricier side, I found them to be well worth the money given the quality, comfort, and features offered. I would recommend ordering a half size larger than your regular size, as I found my usual size to be a bit snug. In conclusion, if you’re looking to invest in a great pair of bowling shoes, you definitely won’t regret choosing the Dexter Men’s Bowling Shoes 12 Grey/Black.

Brunswick Vapor Men’s Bowling Shoes

Brunswick Vapor Mens Bowling Shoe White/Black 11 White/Black

The Brunswick Vapor Men’s Bowling Shoes are a must-buy for their comfort, performance, and stylish design.


  • Comfortable synthetic material
  • Lightweight EVA outsole
  • Supportive collar and tongue padding


  • Requires break-in period
  • Less breathable
  • Risk of leaving black streaks on lanes

I recently purchased the Brunswick Vapor Men’s Bowling Shoes and have been thoroughly impressed with their overall performance and comfort. The synthetic material provides an excellent fit without being too heavy or stiff, which is especially important for lengthy bowling sessions or league play.

The extra light molded EVA outsole offers outstanding support, allowing me to focus on my game without worrying about any discomfort. Additionally, the foam-padded collar and tongue contribute to the shoe’s overall comfort, ensuring a snug yet flexible fit.

One minor issue I encountered while using these shoes was the need for a break-in period. At first, the shoes felt a little tight, but after a few games, they started to feel more comfortable. Additionally, they aren’t the most breathable shoes; however, this hasn’t been a significant problem for me.

In conclusion, the Brunswick Vapor Men’s Bowling Shoes are an excellent choice for anyone seeking comfortable, high-performance bowling shoes with a stylish design. Despite a few minor drawbacks, these shoes are well worth the investment and have enhanced my overall bowling experience.

Dexter Men’s Modern C-9 Knit BOA Wide Bowling Shoes

Dexter Men's Modern C-9 Knit BOA Wide Bowling Shoes

I highly recommend these Dexter Men’s Modern C-9 Knit BOA Wide Bowling Shoes for their advanced features and incredible comfort.


  • Revolutionary toe hold system for extended shoe life
  • Hyperflex channels for flexibility and comfort
  • Patented Toehold Hyperflex Engineering and BOA Fit System


  • Initial sliding sole not the best
  • May need to adjust sizing for perfect fit
  • Premium price point

I recently tried out the Dexter Men’s Modern C-9 Knit BOA Wide Bowling Shoes, and I have to say they’ve exceeded my expectations. The first thing I noticed was the impressive toe hold system, which is designed to resist abrasion. This feature is great because it allows me to replace the toe hold when needed, extending the life of my shoes.

The Hyperflex channels at two stress points on my feet provided an added level of flexibility and comfort during my game. I didn’t feel any sole cracking, and the overall design of the shoe allowed me to maintain my focus on my technique. The patented Toehold Hyperflex Engineering, combined with the BOA Fit System’s disc lacing, ensured my shoes fit snugly and securely.

However, I must mention that the sliding sole that came with the shoes wasn’t the best. But after replacing it with a better model, my shoes truly felt perfect. Also, I had to make some adjustments to the sizing to find the ideal fit, so keep that in mind when ordering.

In conclusion, I believe the Dexter Men’s Modern C-9 Knit BOA Wide Bowling Shoes are an excellent investment for avid bowlers who want quality, durability, and comfort. Despite the initial minor inconveniences, these shoes perform well and offer great support for an amazing bowling experience.

Dexter Bowling Men’s SST 8 Pro 9.5 Black/Blue

Dexter Bowling Shoe

I’d highly recommend these Dexter Bowling shoes for their outstanding performance and interchangeable sole features, giving you the adaptability you need.


  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Interchangeable Rubber Sole
  • Leather toe drag protector


  • Lack of breathability
  • Possible uncomfortable fit
  • Black marks from toe dragging

I recently tried the Dexter Bowling Men’s SST 8 Pro 9.5 in Black and Blue. These shoes genuinely impressed me with their performance on the lanes. The interchangeable rubber sole allows me to customize the shoes, adapting to different bowling conditions. Moreover, the leather toe drag protector is quite helpful in preventing peelback on my slide soles.

However, I did notice after an hour of bowling my feet and socks were soaked, which was uncomfortable. This lack of breathability could be an issue for people who bowl for extended periods. Speaking of comfort, some bowlers may also find the fit uncomfortable due to a hump-like bump in the shoe’s bottom.

In my experience, if I dragged my toe while sliding, the shoe left black marks on the floor. Bowling alley owners might frown upon this, so it’s worth being mindful of your slide technique. Covering the toe with masking tape is a temporary solution to avoid these marks.

Despite these setbacks, the Dexter Bowling Men’s SST 8 Pro 9.5 remains a fantastic option for avid bowlers. The adaptability provided by the interchangeable sole and the leather toe drag protector shows how well-designed these shoes are for performance. If you can address the breathability and marking issues, these shoes are worth a shot.

Dexter Men’s Bowling Shoes 11 Wide Red

Dexter Men's Bowling Shoes

I highly recommend these Dexter bowling shoes for their excellent performance, comfort, and durability.


  • Patented Toehold Hyperflex Engineering provides great flexibility
  • Breathable Cloud 9-knit upper construction offers comfort
  • BOA Fit System with disc lacing allows instant adjustability


  • Might be roomy for some, causing the need for tightening
  • Slightly expensive compared to other bowling shoes
  • Limited color options

I recently tried out the Dexter Men’s Bowling Shoes and was instantly impressed by their performance and comfort. The patented Toehold Hyperflex Engineering in these shoes provides excellent flexibility, allowing for smooth movement on the lanes. I also enjoyed the Cloud 9-knit upper construction, which provided a breathable and comfortable fit throughout my bowling sessions.

One feature I particularly appreciated was the BOA Fit System with disc lacing. This made adjusting the fit of the shoes so quick and easy, eliminating the need for constant retying of laces. The Power Frame KPU overmold added durability, and the textured honeycomb cell pattern reinforced the fabric, ensuring these shoes will last for many bowling sessions to come.

The only downside I noticed was the fit. Some people might find the shoes a little too roomy, causing them to tighten the laces excessively. Additionally, they are slightly more expensive compared to other bowling shoes in the market. However, I believe the added features and durability make the investment worthwhile.

In summary, I think the Dexter Men’s Bowling Shoes are a fantastic option for bowlers seeking high-performance footwear. With their patented technology, comfort, adjustability, and durability, these shoes are definitely worth considering.

KR Strikeforce Women’s Maui Bowling Shoe

KR Strikeforce Shoe

These shoes are perfect for both casual and competitive bowlers seeking comfort, style, and performance.


  • Soft, lightweight, and breathable knitted upper
  • Komfort-FitTM Construction for a snug fit
  • Suitable for both left and right-handed bowlers


  • Rubber ridges on the outsole may affect sliding
  • Wide width not available in all sizes
  • Might need to size up for a comfortable fit

I recently purchased the KR Strikeforce Women’s Maui Bowling Shoe and was instantly impressed by how comfortable they felt on my feet. The soft, lightweight knitted upper material provides ample breathability, ensuring my feet stayed cool during long bowling sessions. With the lace-up closure and Komfort-FitTM Construction, these shoes provided a snug and secure fit without being too tight.

As a competitive bowler, performance is crucial, and the KR Strikeforce shoes did not disappoint. The white #8 microfiber slide pad with FlexSlide Technology TM on both shoes is a fantastic addition, catering to both left and right-handed bowlers. However, I did notice that the rubber ridges on the outsole might be a bit of a hindrance for some when sliding. It’s something to be mindful of, but for me, it wasn’t a deal-breaker.

The only noticeable drawbacks were the limited availability of wide-width sizes and the sizing itself. I had to size up for a comfortable fit, so keep that in mind when selecting your pair. Overall, though, I have thoroughly enjoyed using my KR Strikeforce Women’s Maui Bowling Shoes, and I highly recommend them for both casual and competitive bowlers.

Dexter Bowling – Mens – Ricky IV 10.5 Wide White/Black

Dexter Bowling - Mens - Ricky IV 10.5 Wide White/Black

In my experience, Dexter Bowling Ricky IV shoes are a fantastic choice for beginner bowlers or those who want to upgrade from rental shoes.


  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Stylish design
  • 100% Synthetic material


  • May need to order half a size up
  • Limited slide compared to other models
  • Not suitable for very wide feet

When I first wore these Dexter Bowling Ricky IV shoes, I immediately noticed their comfort and lightweight design. The 100% synthetic material provides durability, and the stylish white/black color combination caught my eye. As a long-time bowler, I appreciate the quality that Dexter Bowling has consistently provided throughout the years.

I did have to order half a size up as the shoes tend to run a bit small. Once I made the adjustment, the fit was great. However, I would like to point out that for those with very wide feet, these shoes may not be the best choice.

One downside I experienced was the limited slide when compared to other models. Initially, the bottoms were quite sticky on the lanes, requiring me to brush the felt to increase the slide. Over time, this issue seemed to lessen, and my gameplay improved. Overall, I would recommend these shoes for beginner to intermediate bowlers who want a stylish and comfortable upgrade from rental shoes.

Remember to consider your specific needs, and don’t forget to brush the felt to improve your slide capabilities. Happy bowling!

Brunswick Men’s Bowling Shoes

Brunswick Men's Bowling Shoes 10 Royal/White

These Brunswick Men’s Bowling Shoes are perfect for both beginners and experienced bowlers looking for comfort and performance.


  • Pure slide microfiber slide soles on both sides
  • Raised rubber heel for a controlled slide
  • No-lace fastening system for superior comfort


  • Sizing may run slightly larger than usual
  • May not be suitable for tournament use
  • Doesn’t look like traditional bowling shoes

I recently tried out these Brunswick Men’s Bowling Shoes and I must say, the pure slide microfiber slide soles on both sides not only improve my game but make playing a lot more enjoyable with their smooth slide. The raised rubber heel adds to the experience by providing much-needed control during slides.

The no-lace fastening system is impressive, making the shoes convenient to put on and take off, especially when you value comfort. It’s also important to note that these shoes are made from athletic performance knit material, making them lightweight and suitable for long bowling sessions.

However, it’s important to mention that the sizing might run slightly larger than usual, so make sure to take that into account when choosing your size. Some users might not find these shoes ideal for tournament use, as their design and structure might not provide the secure and firm feel required in those high-pressure situations. Additionally, if you’re a fan of the classic bowling shoe appearance, these may not be for you as they look more like running shoes.

In conclusion, the Brunswick Men’s Bowling Shoes offer a comfortable and easy experience for bowlers wanting to step up their game while valuing convenience and ease of wear. With their sleek design and performance-enhancing features, they’re a solid choice for casual and regular bowlers alike.

Buying Guide

When I am looking for the best bowling shoes, there are several factors that I take into consideration to make the best decision. I would like to share these factors with you, without mentioning any specific brands or products.

Comfort and Fit: First and foremost, I prioritize comfort and fit. Bowling involves a lot of movement, and I want my feet to feel comfortable throughout the game. I make sure to try on a few different sizes and styles to find a snug, supportive fit while still allowing for flexibility.

Sole Type: Bowling shoes come with either universal soles or specifically designed for right or left-handed bowlers. As a left-handed bowler myself, I choose a shoe with a sliding sole on the right foot and a traction sole on the left foot. It’s essential to select the appropriate sole type for your bowling style to ensure smooth movements and transitions.

Materials: I also consider the materials used in the shoe construction. Synthetic leather and microfiber are common choices for their breathability and easy maintenance. I prefer a material that offers durability while remaining lightweight.

Style: While not the most crucial factor, I like to have a little fun with my shoe’s appearance. Many bowling shoes come in various colors and designs, so I choose one that suits my personal style.

Price: Bowling shoes are available at various price points. I set a budget for myself and try to find the best quality shoes within that range. I’ve found that spending a bit more upfront often pays off in the long run with more durable and comfortable shoes.

Remember that everyone’s preferences may differ, so take the time to find the perfect bowling shoes for you. Happy bowling!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some top-rated bowling shoes for men and women?

In my experience, some top-rated bowling shoes for men include the Dexter Turbo II and the KR Strikeforce Flyer. For women, the Dexter Dani and Brunswick Karma are popular choices. These shoes offer excellent comfort, durability, and performance.

Which brands offer the best interchangeable soles for bowling shoes?

Dexter, Storm, and Hammer are well-known brands that offer bowling shoes with interchangeable soles. These soles provide versatility and customization for bowlers, allowing them to adjust the slide and traction according to their preferences and lane conditions.

Are there any high-quality bowling shoes for wide feet?

Yes, several brands cater to wide feet. I recommend looking into Brunswick, Dexter, and KR Strikeforce, as they offer wide-width sizes in various models. The KR Strikeforce Aviator and Dexter SST series are known to provide comfortable fits for wide feet.

What makes a good bowling shoe for cricket?

While it might be a bit unconventional, some cricket bowlers do turn to bowling shoes for better performance. In these cases, I’d suggest looking into shoes with good traction, support, and a lightweight design. The Dexter SST series and Storm SP3 are examples of such shoes that may fit the bill.

How do I find cool and stylish bowling shoes?

To find stylish bowling shoes, explore options from brands like Brunswick, KR Strikeforce, and Hammer. They often offer aesthetically pleasing designs and colors. You can express your personal style by selecting shoes with bold patterns or unique color combinations. Browsing the latest collections online can also help in finding something that suits you.

Where can I buy top-rated bowling shoes online?

Many reliable online retailers specialize in bowling gear. Websites like, BowlersMart, and Buddies Pro Shop offer a variety of top-rated bowling shoes from well-known brands. Additionally, Amazon and larger sporting goods stores often carry a selection of bowling shoes in their inventories. Don’t forget to check product reviews and ratings for informed purchases.

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Shmulik Dorinbaum

I play bowling almost daily, and on the days I'm not? I'm writing about my day and what I need to do to improve myself as a better bowling player.

Picture of Shmulik Dorinbaum

Shmulik Dorinbaum

I play bowling almost daily, and on the days I'm not? I'm writing about my day and what I need to do to improve myself as a better bowling player.

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