How Long To Get A Bowling Ball Drilled? (Exact Time)

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Having a custom-fit bowling ball that fits your fingers perfectly is a huge advantage. It improves your game performance, taking away the discomfort you might face. It is why drilling a bowling ball according to the need is every player’s dream come true.

If you plan to drill a customized bowling ball for better gameplay, you might also want to know the estimated time that it takes.

The drilling process of a bowling ball can take thirty minutes to three hours from start to finish. Professional drillers can perform it much more quickly (15-20 minutes) as they already possess the right machinery and equipment. It might take longer when you do the drilling by yourself at home because you want to avoid any mistakes in the measurements.

Adjusting the bowling ball according to your comfort level is something you cannot neglect. Let’s dig in and find if your ball drilling will be complete before you are ready for the next game!

Drilling A Bowling Ball; How Much Time Does It Take?

Bowling ball is a fun sport, and anyone can pursue it, regardless of age, physical state, and skill level. Every bowler has different pattern requirements, so drilling holes with a customized layout can prove beneficial. It helps in providing much better grip and control on the bowling ball once you insert your finger into it.

The entire process to drill a bowling ball usually takes around 30 minutes and can go up to 3 hours. It varies with the types of drill bit you use, grip measurements and fit, and the drilling technique. A professional ball driller takes less time to customize your ball according to your requirements than doing it yourself at home.

Different finger hole layouts can take more or less time according to the depth and angles. A conventional grip takes around fifteen minutes to drill, while a fingertip with inserts can take about thirty minutes. The time can also depend on the gear, pro shop operators, the machines, and other equipment.

Professionally Drilled Bowling Balls:

Hiring a professional to drill the bowling ball is always the best idea to attain flawless results. This process requires precise measurements and finger hole configurations. If the ball hole mapping gets slightly off, it can be hard to insert your finger comfortably inside the ball. So, reaching out to an expert ensures the insert placements perfectly align with your finger measurements.

If you have decided to get your bowling ball holes drilled by a professional, it will take just 15 to 20 minutes for the process to complete. The maximum time passes in figuring out the exact measurements and angles that will work the best for you. If you are unaware of span and configurations, it might take a little more time (an hour) than usual.

The pro shop operators will select the drill bits based on the girth of your fingers and the coverstock type of the bowling ball. They also already possess all the necessary machinery and equipment. Overall, the drilling happens much faster than you would expect in a home setting.

At-Home Drilled Bowling Balls:

Drilling your bowling balls by an expert can be costly, so you can always try to perform it by yourself. You require some specific tools to create the holes at home, and if you already possess them, you can proceed on towards the actual procedure.

You need to know it can be risky, and a minor mistake can ruin the ball. If you are confident enough in your abilities, only then go for it. It might take more time for you to drill the holes perfectly as it requires a lot of precision and focus. You need to carry out the process step by step. It includes selecting a grip, measuring the depth and diameter, and marking all the holes on the balls properly.

Thus, drilling your bowling ball at home can easily take two to three hours. Nevertheless, it is a great way to cut down unnecessary expenses, and it also serves as a learning experience.

Can It Take Longer To Re-Drill A Bowling Ball?

Many bowling ballplayers go for re-drilling their balls because the original drilling feels off or not working for them well. If you happen to face a similar situation, you might be curious to know how much time the re-drilling process can take. Usually, it can take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour, depending upon the type of drill you use and the re-drilling experience you have.

You shouldn’t rush the procedure as it can result in cracks or core damage in case of careless re-drilling. As you are changing the ball’s original specifications, you cannot take the risk of miscalculating a second time.

Factors Affecting The Time Taken To Drill A Bowling Ball:

Several factors can affect how long it takes to drill a bowling ball. The first in the sequence is the quality of your drill bits. It will determine how quickly you can create holes in the ball.

If you use cheaper or older bits, they can wear out before they finish, and you won’t be successful in drilling all the holes. Especially if you are working with a hardball material, there is a high chance the bit will break, and you will have to purchase a new one. All of this will add more time to your drilling process.

Expert drillers can also help you save time because of their experience in the field. They know well what they are doing and are swift in taking accurate measurements and deciding what angles suit you the best.

You can do the ball drilling all by yourself with the right tools, but it might take more time. There are specialized bowling ball drillers available, making the job much easier for you.

Important Conclusion:

Usually, the time of drilling a bowling ball varies between thirty minutes to one hour. If you are opting for a pro shop operator to drill the holes, it may take approx twenty minutes for the process to complete. The time can increase or decrease depending upon various factors involved. If you are interested more in a DIY drilling project, you should know that it can take as long as three hours to create the perfect finger inserts.

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Shmulik Dorinbaum

I play bowling almost daily, and on the days I'm not? I'm writing about my day and what I need to do to improve myself as a better bowling player.

Picture of Shmulik Dorinbaum

Shmulik Dorinbaum

I play bowling almost daily, and on the days I'm not? I'm writing about my day and what I need to do to improve myself as a better bowling player.

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