What Is Meant By Follow-Through In Bowling?

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A good follow-through is required for a bowling swing to be complete. When performing a putt or putting, tennis and golf players understand the need for a good follow-through.

Even though a decent swing may be restored in whole or in part if the follow-through is neglected, it can all be undone if the finish isn’t considered.

Following the launch of the bowling ball, your arm goes back to its natural upward swing, also known as the “follow-through” in bowling. Your extended bowling arm continues the arc of the swing until your elbow is at least level with your shoulder during the follow-through.

The goal of the follow-through is to keep the ball moving at a rapid pace while also delivering it with accuracy.

I’ll go into further detail about what follow-through is and why it’s so essential. There’s a lot to learn about bowling techniques, and I will concentrate on the “bowling follow through.”

What Is “Follow Through” and What Does It Mean?

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What Is Meant By Follow-Through In Bowling?

A natural extension of your arm is felt during the follow-through after releasing the bowling ball. In a perfect world, you should be able to sense a natural extension of your arm while swinging.

After you’ve let go of the bowling ball near the lowest point of the swing arc, you should be able to raise your arm naturally. When you let go of the bowling ball, your body position must be steady and balanced.

In addition to following through, the swing is essential for the ball’s delivery. Keep your natural swing after the ball is dismissed and see it through until it’s finished, and you’ll be more likely to hit the target consistently and dependably.

The Importance Of Follow Through

A good follow-through helps maintain the ball’s speed and accuracy as a result. If you don’t practice this final, crucial aspect of the swing path, there are severe ramifications.

The swing must operate as a whole to provide the best benefits. Having a good, natural follow-through helps you hit the ball harder and longer.

To ensure the ball is released in the most efficient way possible, any follow-through in any game must be adjusted to the demands of each situation.

The more you impede the follow-free-flowing upward motion while bowling, then you’ll make more mistakes.

You might overswing and pull in the reverse direction to boost the force you put on the ball. If you don’t notice the swing through or slow down your follow-through, your bowling hand may move away from the target.

Consistency is important. Even if the follow-through varies based on the shot, the same route must be taken every time in bowling.

Your bowling style should have a pendulum-like back and forth motion of your bowling arm, which gives your game balance, accuracy, speed, and consistency.

Follow-Through Body Position

When you’ve thrown the ball, keep your bowling arm elevated in the direction of the target. The ball’s release point is lower in the swing arc when the knee on the leading leg is still bent.

The arm swing now becomes unrestricted, allowing it to arise naturally. The bowler’s arm should be wholly extended before reaching shoulder height.

If the arm is kept to the side of the face during the swing, you can control when the ball is released more accurately.

Keep your focus on the target, which might be a location on the bowling lane where you want the ball to strike.

The end of the arm’s arc should bring the elbow to shoulder level. The elbow position must be maintained at all times.

Even among the world’s elite bowlers, flourishes of the hand at shoulder height are frequent. They’ve always done it that way.

It’s also critical to keep the follow-through constant by keeping your elbows in the same place. When your elbows reach shoulder height, it’s time for the ultimate flourish.

It’s critical to discover a follow-through style that suits you and is repeatable. You don’t want your hand to pass as you talk in front of your face. This creates errors as it stimulates inaccuracy.

You will enhance your accuracy in the bowling lanes if you practice and concentrate on maintaining a straight arm extension.

The Most Important Points

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What Is Meant By Follow-Through In Bowling?

Athletes who want to improve and succeed in their profession must concentrate on technique. This strategy may enhance people’s natural talents, which can be tailored to match their specific requirements. The fundamental principles of the approach, however, are never altered.

All three elements of a bowler’s stroke must be unified to achieve the most significant possible points.

It’s easy to overlook the significance of the follow-through when focusing on the approach and ball release.

When it comes to a successful bowling follow-through, it’s just as essential as the rest of the swing, and while you may have your style, there are some key things to remember:

  • Upswing the follow through with a natural motion
  • Ensure that the body is well-balanced
  • When the arm rises, it should move in the direction of the target.
  • Keep your eyes on the thing in front of you.
  • It would be best to extend your bowling arm away from your face.
  • Keep your arms raised as far as feasible, keeping the elbows pointing toward the ceiling.
  • At the very least, the elbow should reach or below the shoulder’s height.

One of the most challenging aspects of bowling is mastering the art of hitting a ball consistently. You may accomplish this goal by following the one-step practice approach.


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What Is Meant By Follow-Through In Bowling?

Follow-through is the crucial component of a bowling swing. It’s critical to keep good ball speed and accuracy during the upward movement of the conclusion.

It’s critical to carry out a natural movement that keeps the arm straight and the shoulder square on the target. Your bowling will suffer if you ignore your follow-through.

You may change the ball’s trajectory and speed by restricting or forcing your arm’s natural motion. With a natural, flowing follow-through that is practiced regularly, better bowling results are within your reach.

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Shmulik Dorinbaum

I play bowling almost daily, and on the days I'm not? I'm writing about my day and what I need to do to improve myself as a better bowling player.

Picture of Shmulik Dorinbaum

Shmulik Dorinbaum

I play bowling almost daily, and on the days I'm not? I'm writing about my day and what I need to do to improve myself as a better bowling player.

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